Malfunction, a nice animation by Cyriak


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That explains it… I was confused – I thought that Google put Cyriak out of business via automation.


Malfunction is right, she is not using the proper knife for potatoes.


Most satisfactory. Cyriak is doing the Lord’s work, and is to be congratulated.


I was curious if Cyriak had ever made any videos showing his process. I didn’t find any but did find this animator that tried to recreate a very simple (relatively) Cyriak animation. Interesting to watch and then imagine this scaled up to the more complex animations.

How to make Cyriak’s Hand-Fingers in After Effects
Cyriak interview about his process


quite good, qitue godo, teuiq dgoo, quite goood.


Oh, no. Somebody, run Cyriak through the DeepDreamer.


I feel a bit nauseous.


I think that is the equivalent of dividing by zero.


That triggered an LSD flashback and I’ve never even dropped acid!






Photoshopped . . . I can see the pixels.


I was hoping this was a Cyriak mashup of Lorde’s video. Alas.


That rather cheered me up.
Which is a worry.


I stopped in to say exactly that.


Holy Jebus, I love Cyriak’s work SO MUCH. I could watch his videos for hours on end.


There’s nothing wrong with that, right?


It is just too beautiful for words


Cyriak’s video reminds me of the first time I participated in Mormon temple rituals, before they got rid of a lot of the weird stuff.


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