Mega Dance Party Mix, a triptastic animation by Cyriak


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The man’s an evil genius!


I’m glad that Cyriak is still around. i always loved his “Wall of Shatner”, which I oddly remember being named “Wall of Shat”. Be that as it may.


If you want to experience future shock for yourself, just imagine that in the future all music is done in the classic Cyriak style.


When the meowing started, my cat woke up and got all excited.


I liked the text terminal parts. And the cows with long legs like Dali elephants. 80% of the rest had my gorge coming up to be honest.


Ah, Cyriak. We need it now more than ever to make reality seem normal.


I dunno if I can take a full 20 min of Cyriak…


Take it like a man!
I sat through it too.
Now I crave nachos, I don´t know why.


Are you kidding? I just know that there’s a bad DJ in some club or strip bar somewhere, putting this on and then leaving to take a 20 minute dump.

And he’ll come back famous.


I think some of this might be Photoshopped. I can see the pixels!!!


Hoo boy, I think I smoked way too much catnip.


It’s less the audio, though the discordian sound can be a bit weird, and more the visuals. It’s been ramped up to 11 with the colors and more everything going on.


oh good, I haven’t had my friends question my sanity in a little while, time to shake things up.


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