Malware sucks: crappy code makes it easy to hack hackers


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Ethics of hacking back.

A friend of mine’s boss is a VP of security for a relatively well-known tech company. His background was in developing exploits, he sold a few security startups before going back to a day job there, anyways, he’s one of the few executives with real skills.

The company they worked for (as of a couple years back) was under constant assault by the Chinese because they had a lot of Chinese competitor products. One day, in the middle of a big security incident, my friend’s boss storms out with the final words of, “I’m SICK of this!” and went straight home.

A few hours later, the Chinese university which originated the attacks had their network go down for a day or so. The VP guy didn’t say anything more on the matter, except looked smug when asked about where he went the previous day.

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