Web security company breached, client list (including KKK) dumped, hackers mock inept security


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The rare event of having dreamed up one password to use for all the servers involved. Which is not so rare.

["SPCHECK" ]:root:St4m|nu5 ["VM HOST" ]:root:St4m|nu5 ["MOTHERLOAD" ]:root:St4m|nu5 ["CHATBOT" ]:root:St4m|nu5 ["backup01-s3073-cab38-ocloud-irv1" :root:St4m|nu5 ["ams2" ]:root:St4m|nu5 ["proxweb" ]:root:St4m|nu5 ["smb01-irv1" ]:root:St4m|nu5 ["kkk" ]:root:TkBNk7TdrSh2Uq42 ["puppet-agent" ]:root:St4m|nu5

Geez–so the KKK admin has the best OPSEC out of the bunch?


Curse you, Mr. Robot!


Wow. That is a really obvious root password too. Terrible. My gmail password is better.


These dopey hackers need to quit publicizing their exploits. Next time somebody wants to expose something the KKK is doing, these systems won’t be so vulnerable. Wouldn’t it be more useful to tuck those passwords away in a safe place?


Hey, they have an order form! I placed an order, and was order number 4!

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