These people revealed their passwords a little too freely

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Amazing, true, but I wonder how many said “GotoHell123”.


I’d like to photograph Jerry.

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Back in the early 90s, I went to a seminar on security. The guy said social engineering was the #1 way to hack a system. It’s still true, huh?


I’d like to believe that the people who shared, were lying and those weren’t their actual passwords. But I’m not confident that is true.


Just ask Kevin Mitnick

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It’ll always be true. The vast majority of ‘hacking’ isn’t about some guy tapping away at a keyboard while staring at a command prompt. Its about either getting someone to tell you the info you want, or engineering actual physical access to the system.

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I put my cyberbrain into “autistic mode” before watching videos like this.

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Great, now i need to change my password again! Thanks buddy


I’ll just leave these random password generator sites here…

I like to combine and remix the results a bit on the off chance either site caches the generated outputs.

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