Mammoth, previously unpublished interview with Iain Banks about The Culture


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When I saw “previously unpublished” I was momentarily thrilled that there might be one more new Culture novel.

Alas, no.

Meatfucker has a sad.


I think I see where the Libertarian confusion arises. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Libertarian thing is somewhat understandable, assuming someone only read a short blurb on the Culture and didn’t read the novels. They heard the part about not having many laws and being allowed to do what you want, and going “that’s what I want!”, but didn’t realize that it only works in the Culture universe because they have effectively eliminated scarcity. It’s more like a gigantic communist regime that simply doesn’t suffer from shortages.


It’s more like, what if we were all the Koch brothers? Except sexy? That degree of Libertarian.

I have to say, much as I loved Banks I’m going to skip reading this. The Culture does not require exegesis, for me. It’s all there in the novels.

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Forget the interview. I want to read the dissertation on the Culture!


Seriously, though, I recall Iain saying something about American right-wingers not getting that the Culture is a left-wing utopia way back when it just existed in State of the Art, Consider Phlebas, and Player of Games. I’d’ve thought it was obvious even back then that to him, the right-wing are the Azadians.


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