Man charged $50 for two espressos and two bottles of water at a Venice cafe stirs up online mob


Thanks- I see where it says the outdoor prices?


I should have mentioned that this was in the early 90s. Maybe it was different then, or perhaps I didn’t see the sign.


Indeed, perhaps even an ideal of perfect beauty. Just watch out for that flu though.



You have tourist trap in every city. In Lisbon a well know restaurant is “Made in Correeiros” which made local newspapers about their deceiving ways. Even having a one star rating the owner (a known retired pickpocket) simply changes its name and carries on…
As in every city, there are hidden dangers, you just need to take some precautions…


Remember that boingboing’s own Rob B. got scammed by Nello



Allow me to rephrase, then: "This is standard practice, based on my experience, in larger cities in France and Italy as well as parts of the Czech Republic and Spain which comprise large populations, and it is acceptable that anyone who is aware enough to check the prices on a menu before ordering something would be made aware of as these prices are clearly posted, and it is acceptable that certain people should be aware that certain neighborhoods are going to be more expensive that others and…
You know what, play with the language all you want, and while you can argue all the semantics you want, these people got all cranky because they paid a ton for something while the prices were clearly presented, and they really can’t bitch.
I paid $12/beer at an establishment at Navy Pier once. Racked up $50 between my wife and I. Thing is, I can’t really complain because, A.) I never asked “how much are these beers?,” and B.) I knew I was in a tourist trap when I ordered them.


So you summarized the article … and not my point though.


No deception is used in venice. The prices are clearly listed. As I said, sometimes the waiters will even warn you if you look like you can’t afford the exorbitant prices.

It’s more like a ‘service’ for obscenely rich people to show off their wealth. (Which, to me, is parting a fool with his money).


And yet, there still are some normally priced restaurants even in venice. Well, they might be a bit more expensive than in mestre, but nor more than in say Paris, or Berlin, or Amsterdam.

All it takes is move perpendicular for about 500m to the stream of people from the Railway Station/Cruise Ferry to San Marco Square.


Entered Venice through the train station & vaporetto with my family, enjoyed walking through St. Mark’s Square (hands firmly on wallets), and into the streets and squares between there and the boat to Murano. We stopped in a very quiet square (laundry hanging outside of windows nearby) for lunch, and didn’t get ripped off.
Yes, it’s very common in Italy (well, in bigger and touristier cities) to be charged substantially more for “eat in” rather than “take away”, but get away from the tourist traps, find a genuine experience, and enjoy it.
Murano is a smaller-scale, much more approachable version of Venice, without so much of the crowds.
For instance, take the train to Pavia (about 30 minutes outside Milan), enjoy the sights of the town, and have lunch at Osteria Della Malora just across the river and over the ancient bridge.


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