Starbucks now offers designer sodas: Fizzio "hand-crafted" carbonated drinks




First wine, now sodas…when do we get to margaritas?

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Hmm. Soda machine, coffee, milk, syrups… let’s get some old-timey egg creams on the menu! Now that would really be taking the whole brooklyn/hipster/artisanal/hand-crafted/ thing to a national chain level.


Well, I guess if they can find people willing to pay $2.45 for some carbonated water with about four cents worth of flavored sugar in it, I can’t really fault them for charging that much. (Plus they have all those college educations they’re not paying for…)

Well at this rate, they’ll have them, but they’ll be $20 a drink.


And now, a word from their spokesperson:


So… Italian sodas then?


Isn’t that kind of normal rates for soda from any sort of establishment? I mean I’m used to seeing a glass of soda at a restaurant for 2 bucks so I don’t really see that as a weird cost. Sure there’s a huge markup there, but it’s not without precedent, is all I’m saying.

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I confess that I don’t buy sodas (if I have a hankering for a soft-drink, they’re easy enough to make), and certainly not in any sort of restaurant, so I have no idea. At least in the case of restaurants, it’s (enormous, granted) markup on a product that’s already been sold at a profit to the restaurant. This is a house product being sold for more than other more labor-intensive beverages made from more expensive ingredients, so it sticks out.

That’s exactly what I thought. But saythey offered a nice gin fizz I wouldn’t complain.

Yeah, it’s totally not anything like the “Italian sodas” that espresso stands here in Seattle have been offering since the late 80s, at least.

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Only if it’s gluten-free will I even touch this hand-crafted, artisanal, designer sugar water that doesn’t put kids through college but pretends to do so.


Yeah, but these are “hand-crafted.”

Though I enjoy the ocassional Pikes place drip, I still want to shake her hand for including ‘gluten free’ in your response :slight_smile:


I like sbux coffee, but I’m not very picky about coffee either.

Starbucks is consistently mediocre (and I don’t mean that in a bad way, just decent) coffee, in my opinion. I’ve been to some absolutely shitty coffeeshops before, and before the whole espresso starbucks craze hit your coffee options in most places were shitty drip that’d been sitting on a burner for way too long, so I consider it a net positive.

I go to starbucks often enough I have a gold card in my wallet but I will generally go to better coffee places when possible (Top Pot Doughnuts makes especially great espresso for whatever reason.) but they don’t have the ubiquity of Starbucks, so I end up there frequently.

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Starbuckses have had generous assortments of Torani syrups for as long as I can remember, and probably fizzy water on tap too. Haven’t we always been able to order a [syrup flavor] soda? What’s new about this, aside from the stupid name and attendant adjectives?

Where is the video of that to watch?

Seeing as how restaurants tend to charge $2.75 for an iced tea, this really does not seem like a relatively unfair price.

I’m curious what flavors they will offer, mostly as inspiration for making them myself at home. Meanwhile at SBUX I’ll stick with the clover-brewed iced coffee most likely.

Oddly, Top Pot’s doughnuts aren’t all that much cop. They’re a novelty brand more than a baker. See also: Cupcake Royale.