Starbucks introduces 6 new sickly-sweet Frappuccino


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You say two of the six drinks don’t contain coffee (Cotton Candy and Lemon Bar). But, on the listed ingredients only two of the drinks actually have coffee listed as an ingredient (Caramel Cocoa and Cinnamon Roll). Where does that leave Cupcake and Red Velvet? Is there some no-man’s land between the existence or non-existence of coffee? (And yes, I realize that frappuccinos aren’t real coffee to begin with.)


I just want some coffee. Maybe with a bit of cream. I know sugar is tasy, but most of the time I simply can’t justify drinking the stuff.

Sometimes I fear I’m just not profitable enough as a consumer. Oh well.


So, is this a sponsored post or what?


I cam here to ask the same thing.


lemonbar sounds awesome, when i was a ‘partner’ there everyone loved making those, but they were always so frugal with the amount of lemonade they would send to us so we would actually get in trouble for making them. really cool its on the menu/in the computer now. another good one is the double chocolate creme frap with vanilla bean - cookies and cream taste-a-like. there was also a way to do mint chocolate chip frap , using the matcha powder for green color & it wouldn’t overpower the mint & chocolate flavor, either… but you’d probably have to make that one yourself sadly


Anymore, I think it’s best to assume it’s an ad sponsored post unless, y’know, there’s nothing you can actually go out and buy featured in the post.


If it’s a sponsored post that includes the line “sure to get your insulin busy transporting glucose into your adipose tissue” the sponsors are probably not getting their money’s worth.

Although…mmmmmm…adipose tissue.


And it’s incorrect to…insulin does not transport anything anywhere. It the glucose transprter that does it.


There’s a nice little market a block away from where I work that has a coffee shop within it. One of my favorite of their coffees is the Mounds Bar Blend, with just enough coconut syrup that it’s a pleasant note alongside the coffee without ever overwhelming it.

With a Starbucks and a Panera just one block away, and a Bruegger’s on the next corner, I sometimes wonder why they even bother offering their own coffee. This may explain it, and it definitely illustrates why the small market is my go-to place.


No orange mocha? Chance missed.


It’s an “or what” this time, unfortunately!


Can I please have some sugar with my sugar, pretty please!

One Type 2 diabetes coming right up!


I’m not sure what kind of advertisement the term sickly-sweet is but it’s not the kind that makes me want to buy the thing.


For every one person like you, there are ten others who are like “mmmm, I love sweet Starbucks drinks.” So your anecdotal comment is really not worth much. There is no such thing as bad publicity.


I’m the same way, but among people I know, I’m far, far outnumbered by people who like to say things like “if coffee is an acquired taste, why should I want to acquire it when I can drink Frappuccinos instead?” as they drink desert for a morning pick-me-up. It’s a little scary.



Meanwhile, I really wish Ben and Jerry’s could pull this off:


I might be ordering the Cotton Candy variety in the near future. I might also be ordering a quadruple espresso on the side, to down beforehand, but I see pink in my near future foh show!

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