Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte, the beverage 'that almost never was'


About a year ago, I told my teenage daughter I was going over the Starbucks and in the interest of being a cool mom would get her anything she wanted. So she promptly replied, “Pumpkin Spice Latte.” I’m a coffee-flavoured coffee drinker, generally hating flavoured coffees on principle as well as in flavour. So I got it home, and my daughter says, “Want to try it?”

The damned thing was delicious, not too sweet, and the right balance of spices.

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if you like pumpkin spice syrup, try a ‘pumpkin spice chai tea misto’!!! best drink there!! & you can get pumpkin spice way after the campaign ‘ends’ if you ask – former barista :jack_o_lantern:

This your first time to the rodeo, Slim?

I’m a fan of the flavored coffee, especially the PSL, but I’m a bigger fan of bizarre flavors of Frappuccino. When I was in Tokyo they had the Sakura Frappuccino which was a pink cherry blossom color and flavor. It’s impossible to describe as it’s been years, but it wasn’t cherry, but something more delicate. No coffee involved, but so so delicious. Next time you’re there get the java chip frappuccino with peppermint in it. It’s like drinking a box of girl scout cookies. (Yes, this is why I’m fat.)


I really love reading about the process of coming up with flavors and menu items and all the weird little bits of the decision making process.

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PSL are the best. Way back a long time ago, Border’s used to carry a flavored coffee that was pumpkin spice. It was before they started serving Seatle’s Best in their cafe’s. I used to stock up on that every year. But I’ll take a PSL from Starbucks for sure. And I think my school’s library cafe also has PSL.

Okay… I’m just rambling now for no reason. Just that I love PSL.

I love pumpkin flavored everything!


So I have to ask, where can I get a sample of this in the wastelands of Canada?

These particular treats come from a company called Koppers (located in NY).

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