Crowdinvesting to expand cocktail startup

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$36.50 for four and a half decwnt cocktails a month, that sounds like a great gift idea. But I suspect this doesn’t work in the states, right?

Also, that reminds me, I’m out of Hendricks.

And it certainly won’t work in Canada, we like our controlled booze up here!

It is pretty darn 'spensive. I used to chat with some… How to put this… Nighttime Ethanol Chemical Engineers, and one guy got a knock on his door because someone became suspicious about the amount of sugar he was buying.

Canada likes its controlled booze :wink:


Controlled booze!
Controlled maple syrup!
Controlled cheese!

Canada has some control issues…

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It might. As I remember it whether booze can be shipped is down to individual states. Some don’t allow liquor sales from out of state, some don’t allow it to be mailed or shipped across state lines. So there are companies that do mail order alcohol in the US, but they have to bar a certain number of states from ordering. IIRC NY and Pennsylvania both block it. With the rise of online shopping and advent of debit cards coinciding with my going to college a lot of us attempted to order alcohol online while underage. No dice in either of those states. And if they’re repackaging any of the booze they might run into that whole 3 tier system or other liquor laws we have in some fashion.

I think it’d work if set up right, but they’d probably have to change their model and or have distribution in each an every state. But this post looks like a move to pre-packaged boxes on store shelves which should work fine in the US. You just won’t be able to get it delivered everywhere.

Yeah, the thought of distributing via hotels (that’s what I read, right?) ain’t a bad idea. But when it comes to regulated areas/counties/cities/states (and somehow I know waay too much about ethanol regulation in the US) a local franchise model would work better.

Now, is it a G&T with lunch or a Moscow Mule?

Honestly the longer I do this job the more I just want a decent but not to complicated beer. Or a glass of whiskey if I’m stressed. Though I did recently rediscover Polar and White Rock tonic, super old school regional soda brands. Its less sweat, better tasting and cheaper than the major national brands. A vast improvement to your G&T without seeking out and paying extra for the upscale “craft” brands.


Ever made tonic? I started trying it after reading some stuff the guy the started Q tonic wrote. Ironically I get foot cramps which quinine helps with, so it actually is a tonic :smile:


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Yeah, many states require individual permitting on a per label basis. (i.e. Bell’s wants to sell Big Two Hearted Ale and Oberon in MN, they pay a permitting fee for each of them)

This of course leads to absurdities. I recall when I was at my cocktail nerdiest there was a time when only one guy was importing Creme de Violette. He officed out of Edina, MN, but the MN market for obscure booze wasn’t big enough to bother getting it there, so I could bike to his office if I really wanted to (I didn’t) but I had to order a bottle of the stuff from a NY seller.

I don’t know… one of the joys of the home bar is that I can spend considerably less money than at a bar, get a book, and try all of this stuff on my own. This seems to be pushing things back up to bar cost levels. I can make myself just about anything and cost of pour is going to be between $3.50 and $4.50 for the whole drink (I can get it lower but then I’m using well booze). For four months of this service, I could build a pretty nice skeleton bar while having… lets say seven drinks a week. Then I’m just adding the interesting stuff going forward and replacing the core stuff (gin, bourbon, etc.) as I go. With this I’m out of the ingredient as soon as I’ve decided I like the drink, and now I’ve got a separate cost to set things up if I want to keep making it.

Of course, my way of doing things could land you with a bottle of Parfait Amour, and that way leads to regret.

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Don’t I know it. But not everyone is a nerd like us :smile: I think it is a neat, if not slightly impractical idea. Which is basically every idea I’ve ever had too.

Nope, but I have a bottle of everclear that needs using. Been thinking about making a bunch of bitters. including a quinine based one. I really don’t dig on the soda level of sugar in most tonic. Been doing soda gin an angostura for a while. But making bitters is a bit involved so I keep putting it off. Especially, since I’d be unlikely to use them with any frequency. The better tonics aren’t too available where I’m at. I think I saw Q out here once, it was selling for like $25 a bottle (though at a place known to gouge).

Holy crap, I thought $8 was a gouge.

If memory serves it wasn’t even for one of the larger bottles. It was a little single serving guy.

That place was nuts they were selling local grassfed beef for $75 per pound. The farm that produced it was only charging $17 at the time (they refused to sell to him after that). A 5 buck bottle of vinegar went for $20 and $20 bags of mushrooms were pushing a hundred bucks. Guy went out of business inside of a year, claiming Sandy destroyed all his refrigeration. Seems to be trying to get the state to refund his whole investment.

Oddly enough the nice Italian market that opened in his old space seemed to have no trouble getting the fridges and display cases working.

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BTW, the FDA has taken OTC quinine tablets off the market, and recommends that the prescription tablets not be used for the treatment of muscle cramps, due to both a paucity of evidence that quinine if effective for cramps, and the fairly high risk of severe side-effects.

Tonic water doesn’t have enough quinine to be dangerous (unless you drink a LOT of it), but that also means it’s probably not enough to be effective, even if quinine does work for cramps.

Here’s Consumer Reports on the subject: Stop taking Quinine for night-time leg cramps

(Note, BTW, that I am NOT saying you shouldn’t use quinine - just that you should be aware of the the reasons it’s no longer recommended as ‘standard of care.’ for muscle cramps.

I don’t always do what the authorities recommend, either.)

I appreciate the detail. Turns out I have a slight Mg deficiency which is the actual cause, but I tell myself the quinine is my G&T’s is for, you know, my health :smile:

But that probably explains why in the last five or six years getting powdered quinine has gotten so hard. I had no idea the fda had weighed in on it.

Having seen how into food and drink you are I am honored that you would even consider calling me a fellow nerd.


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