Illy unsweetened canned espresso


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The 10 grams of sugar is a bummer, but it is very portable, a huge plus.


I think that’s an error. The pic of the can showing nutritional info has no sugar.


It’s not an error. @frauenfelder mentioned that he had to drink the ones with sugar, but has since found some without sugar.


Ya beat me to it. I was trying to think of some not-overly-snarky way of saying “read the text under the picture.”


Do they also sell a non-carbonated variety?


What if we like shaking?


Drink three.




For cold canned coffee I tend to like cream+sugar so the Starbucks Double Shot is good stuff for me.


Sounds like a dare?


A local place shelves these in quantity @ $2.99 a can, I guess they are popular.



Roger That!


I like it but I’d only pay about $1.50 or $2.00 for it. $3 is a bit much.


Freeze it. There’s a limit on liquids, not solids.


It’s the nitrogen.


Does anyone know why my post double-posted? That was super weird.


Illy also pioneered the use of nitrogen to preserve coffee after roasting; I think they started before the war. Andrea Illy literally wrote the book on coffee chemistry.

The Issimo discussed here was an Illy-Coca Cola dual venture, and has been around for several years. One of the airlines serving Honolulu used to offer it on the flight.


This was not something I knew… and that is a book that I now know desperately need to have. Fucking academic pricing, too.