New idea in iced coffee: the “Draft Latte” has been invented, and we want one

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I’ve had this same thing in Boulder, CO. I’m not sure of the shop name, but its on the SW Corner on the top of the Hill, just a few doors up from the Fox Theater. Its super delicious, creamy and strong. Next time I’m in town I’m definitely stopping by.

Interesting, but not really new. Sozo Coffee in Chandler, AZ has been doing this for a few months now.

This is not that new. Stumptown in Portland has something similar. (I think they avoid the milk just because there are so many people with self-imposed eating disorders here.)

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Is there nothing so evil people won’t do it to innocent coffee?


Espresso Roma? I haven’t been by there in a while. Actually that would be NW corner so never mind.

I imagine it also makes cleanup way easier.

Kegged cold-drip/brew?

At least it is unadulterated with other flavors, and is still coffee flavored coffee.

Meh. Cold-blooded humans who cannot regulate their body temperature and thus must only drink scalding hot or freezing cold beverages will all die with climate change. Next…

Did you mean to reply to me? If so I’m curious about which compass direction adulterates flavors.

Yeah, stumptown’s is just cold brew on a nitro tap. I guess to be successful business, you have to act like your idea is revolutionary because you did something like add the milk before pouring.

meh, gimmie a thai/vietnamese iced coffee for the cold drink thanks.

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I do not want to be the schlub that has to clean those lines out.

I’d hate to be the schlub who gets the first glass of the day after milk’s been sitting in the lines too long. Lets hope they’re cleaning it at least weekly. And burning a glass or 5 first thing in the morning. Hell I get weird, off tasting too warm beer out my work kegerator after it hasn’t been poured in 12 hours. And there’s only like an 8 inch run that isn’t directly refrigerated (indirectly, cold air casually drifting up the tap stems).

cuvvee coffee in austin has been doing unsullied nitro draft for a few years now. they just started canning it too. nitro latte is definitely a step in another direction. (how about this? west oak coffee bar on the square in denton has nitro draft chocolate milk (i don’t mean stout). one could make a nitro mocha if one were so inclined.

Unsullied iced coffee - really hits the spot!

Nitro pour iced coffee is popping up all over Boston at the moment, and is essentially the same thing.

Crack in a cup, YES PLEASE!

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Nope, sorry, the poster above you.
Hazelnut, or any dessert flavor like pumpkin spice, etc.