Starbucks now offers designer sodas: Fizzio "hand-crafted" carbonated drinks


Perfectly normal rates. For the sake of comparison I stopped by the local Starbucks-competitor, which has been offering Italian sodas for as long as I can remember, on the way home from work last night: $2.50 for a small.


Tangent; I really love a good, flavorful ginger soda. Because it’s not easy to find a good one, I came up with my own recipe;

6"-8" piece of ginger root, peeled and sliced in to 1/4" thick rounds
2 cinnamon sticks
2 tbls real vanilla extract (or more to taste)
5 cups of water
2 cups of sugar

Boil water, then reduce to a simmer and add sugar, ginger and cinnamon sticks. Let simmer for about an hour, or until the consistency becomes syrupy. Remove from heat and add vanilla. Let cool, then place in a squeeze bottle in the fridge. Stores for about a week. Add to soda water for a refreshing drink, or splash in to iced tea or over ice cream.

Fortuitous by-product; candied ginger! To make candied ginger, press ginger slices in paper towel to remove moisture, then let air-dry in a cool, dry place (on paper towel). When nicely dried, toss with a little granulated sugar and eat immediately. Does not keep more than a couple of days in a sealed container.


I disagree heartily with your assessment, but respect your right to disagree. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its from the Mike Judge movie, “Idiotcracy”


Thanks. :slight_smile:

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