Wes Anderson's new cafe


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It’s amazing how much it can cost to look… cheap. :\


I was expecting more twee signs on the walls, with droll messages in a yellow sans-serif font.


Those booths look really cramped, even if they are one-person chair-booths. It would feel like you were back in your highchair. Do they sell Cheerios there?


I like it except for the awful wallpaper.


How would those work? It seems like it would be a little weird to sit by a stranger in that configuration, even though it’s no less private than eating next to someone at a counter.


If it’s not a scale cutaway*, I’m not interested.

*at least three times bigger, to mix references.


Well, at least it won’t be so hard to get coffee in Milan anymore.


the decor reminds me of an Eastern bloc state-sponsored vacation hotel (can’t think of an appropriate English term?)


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