Outstanding rant about the surreal design ethos of The Cheesecake Factory


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I think some of those “eccentric” design cues have to do with the fact the Cheesecake Factory’s founder is involved with Sufism Reoriented, who are followers of 60s guru Meher Baba (think the Who’s Baba O’Reiley). So anyways, some of those weird symbols at the restaurant are from the owner’s hippie church.

Here’s a fun article about a church the Cheesecake guy funded.


I officially feel OLD.

One and only visit to The Cheesecake Factory – a shorefront location in LA – was in 1989.

It was nice but wasn’t particularly flashy.


Pedantry alert: that ain’t no ‘onion dome’ so it couldn’t have been “airlifted from St. Basil’s.”

Actually St. Basil’s is pretty damned gaudy, but it’s almost 500 years old, so I suppose it get’s a pass.


i just sounds to me like this guy hasn’t ever been to an american chain restaurant before.


I’ve never been to a Cheesecake Factory, nor a Spaghetti Warehouse, but I have been to Buca di Beppo once. I assume it’s the same level of gaudy?


I’ve always marveled at the Cheesecake Factory Eye of Sauron


I’ve been to one in Vegas that’s off the strip in a nicer casino geared toward locals, the restaurant was quite upscale looking and nice. I presume that the style of the various locations can change or adhere to whatever standard look. I can’t say i’ve ever seen any other location from the inside so i can’t say how tacky or crappy others might look like.

The one time i went to that location i had a $100 gift card so i took out my group of friends to eat. The food was really delicious, as was the cheesecake. Not a place i would normally want to go to but i think the food is worthwhile.


I didn’t know they really existed, I just thought it was something the writers from Big Bang Theory made up.

OK, I’ve learned something new today, I’m going back to bed.


Hush your mouth; their food is actually tasty.


Oh, no! Not knocking the food at all! I love the tri-color cake.


Why restrict yourself to three colors?


Only if it has a different flavor for each layer. :pig::cake:


Ooh, that needs to be in the Cake thread; yoink!


Very pretty cake but i presume it’s rife for cakewreck material if a regular baker tries their hand at it. Not that i would mind trying, baking can be fun.


As long as it tastes good when all is said and done, that’s what really matters.


I haven’t done baking since like… my teens, but i baked a few things that were pretty foul because i misread the recipe or skipped a step. Kinda sucks but it’s still satisfying when you’re able to finally get it right :slight_smile: I don’t have much of a need to bake super fancy cakes but if someone asked i think i’d give it a good go.


Yes, it is. I’ve been to Buca three times, and it’s really good food. Expensive, but very tasty, and there’s usually leftovers.


No, it’s not. I have been dragged to many of them by family who adore them and I can say that they are very consistent, with cheesecake that is mediocre at best and the food is mostly slathered in corn syrup thinly disguised as sauce or dressing or whatever. :confounded:


I can’t eat that.
I would make me gay.