A list of the most deadly calorie bombs for sale at America's chain restaurants

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To be fair if you are eating anything that combines cheese curds and bacon to another food or you are eating something called the ‘Ridiculously Awesome, Insanely Large Chocolate Cake’, I feel like you may know what you are getting into.


4700 grams of sodium, WTF!


When lists like this include things that sound like great alternatives to grease-bombs, such as salads which include enough bacon, cheese, and fried chicken chunks to quietly make them equivalent to a burger, they’re quite helpful. But if you’re even remotely calorie-conscious, there’s nothing on this list that would be a surprise. Who woulda thunk that deep-fried, cheese-covered meat is bad for you?


Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow, we may die.


I went hiking with my brother for a week. We didn’t pack enough food. We scraped by, with a few brotherly squabbles about who had 1 tablespoon more of the noodles, etc. But we had a good time and got through it. As soon as we got back, we took a bath in the stream to clean up and then we went out to eat. We ordered appetizers, gobbled those up. We ordered milkshakes, slurped those down then ordered beers. We ordered burgers, scarfed those up. We were still hungry, so we ordered steak dinners and ramrodded those into our gullets. Then apple pie and ice cream. Finally, we were satisfied and stopped eating.

The waitress was like ??? “Guys, are you from planet earth?”

I don’t know the precise calorie count, but I estimate about 5000 calories each.

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Whats BWW? … it seems related to BBW somehow …

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I wish they would also list prices. Gainz ain’t cheap.

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Buffalo Wild Wings


I don’t get this stuff, I really don’t.

Cheesecake Factory is alright in a pinch, the foods passable but there is just so much of it.
It’s perhaps even criminal.


That piece of chocolate cake looks like the Rock of Gibraltar. Probably close to the same size, too. I have no interest in greasy meat and cheese dishes, but I’d probably take a few forks of that cake.


Those are some scary-looking meals, unless you’re taking a lot of it home with you for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner.

A few years back, after seeing a fearsome number on the bathroom scale, I decided then and there that I’d be more careful of what and when I’d eat.

Letting go of between-meal snacks helped enormously, but I also greatly changed my restaurant habits. If I’m confronted with a gigantic portion at a restaurant, the first thing I do is slice it all in half (or thirds if necessary), to take the rest home with me.

After about 2-1/2 years, I managed to lose 100 pounds. I haven’t really been able to lose more since then, and am still a bit overweight but not badly so, but if I stand up straight my belly doesn’t stick out anymore. These days, I can take long bike rides (50+ miles) without trouble. My feet no longer hurt when I walk, and my waist has gone from 50" to 38". It was well worth the effort, even if it can be a bit difficult sometimes to maintain discipline.


I’m literally nauseated by these “dishes”, I’m a chubby eater, I indulge in really greasy foods, but I have a limit.

They are more NO NO than NOM NOM.


Ultimate Smokehouse Combo - yummy, right up my alley

Pasta Napoletana - not so much, looks like vomit

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Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream for the sweet win! That wee pint o’ creamy delight packs 1040 calories – 560 from fat. To quote Dianna Prince, “You should be proud!”


I have little doubt you can find similar bespoke indulgences at non-chain restaurants.


Milligrams. 1000 mg of sodium ~ half teaspoon of salt.


I could totally take a bite or two of that cake, shared with a group – or maybe the baby back ribs from the Smokehouse Combo. Otherwise, ugh. Nothing here is remotely appetizing. “Not worth the sin,” as my mom would say.

Most of my horrible indulgence in greasy food comes once a year at the local state fair, but even then, I’m sharing a few bites of deep-fried Oreos, fried clams, or their signature fair burger (a bacon cheeseburger on a grilled Krispie Kreme donut).


yeah no problem:

tons of examples of incredibly unhealthy yet delicious foods.