Woman eats 4.5lb steak in less than 3 min




“Wow! My Mom’s the only other woman I know who can take a steak like that!” (apologies to Chris Farely)


No that’s not amazing. Unless you mean that amazing is amazingly gluttonous.


Who says Canadians aren’t classy?


Amazing would be if that steak, or any steaks had gotten to any of the millions of food insecure kids in the US. Even many kids with enough calories have to eat things way below the nutritional value of what just disappeared …


wow, you guys are a bunch of fucking killjoys.

her style is so primal…


You just have to learn to screen that crap out.

Seeing her, my thought is, something like this is like weightlifting: records should be weighted by the mass of the competitor. If I ate a 4.5lb steak in 3 minutes, you’d be much less impressed…


I never enjoy speed eating records.

I wish they would make a record for the person who ENJOYED their steak the most. Wolfing down good food almost seems like as much as a waste as tossing it away.


If those kids had money they could buy their own steaks.
Good steak is for adults anyway: children can get by on chicken necks and table scraps…
I see this is a Canuck thing: and as everyone knows they live in a peaceful land of politeness and plenty.

But I come from a place where allowing poor people to fend for themselves takes a backseat to giving money to farmers to not grow food…so what’s a little blatant gluttony…especially if it’s entertaining to watch.




Not a Canadian. Their healthcare system wouldn’t allow for competitive eaters (joke!). She’s a resident of Nebraska. See: http://omaha.com/article/20130916/GO/130918938#.UtIDyrR0lHD


I read somewhere that she said she felt sorry for the person who would sit next to her on the plane home.


Count me in with the killjoy crowd: I think competitive eating is pretty gross: morally/ethically gross and physically gross to watch. But I work with mentally challenged adults, so I see my fair share of binge/speed eating (a side effect of FAS for some: not knowing/recognizing that “full” feeling after eating.)

But I didn’t come here to be preachy. I was just wondering if I was the only one watching this and thinking “Whoa. The Walking Dead.”


This is sick on so many levels. Yeah, call me a care troll. Bring it on. Does she use bath salts as part of her training program? I’m not a vegetarian but a cow/bull died so she could stuff her face for a lame 15 seconds of fame on the internets? What was she washing it down with? Coke? The thumbs up and lip wiping on the arm—show that to the millions of underfed and starving in the US and worldwide. She might as well given the finger to them with both her greasy hands. “Mommy, tell me again about the time you ate a 4.5lb steak in less than 3 minutes”!


You’re not the only one and have some confidence in your reaction without feeling “preachy”. Stand for something for god sakes.



Totally… cause if you don’t post inane comments on a stupid boingboing thread… how ever will hungry children eat?


They are practicing for the Offend-Off… an internet wide contest to see who can get the most offended over the most innocuous of things.

Ironically, there are no winners. Only losers.


I would feel sorry for anyone who has to sit next to her anywhere.


I think competitive oral sex would be actually be Awesome.