Trencherwoman eats giant burger in under 10 minutes

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This should be an Olympic sport, but only in America. The Americalympics. The rest of y’all are not even invited, you’d probably bring them French snails or something.


I dunno man. I had a couple of Japanese friends that could put away food like no one else, and they were pretty skinny guys. They could casually eat a ton of food and make it seem like no big deal.

Also i doubt i could finish all of that food, but on a good hungry day i think i’d totally love to give it a whirl.

PS: I’ve never heard the term Trencherwoman. Had to look that up.


Aaaaaannnnnndddddd now I have a new fetish, thanks BoingBoing!


Kate Ovens? Nominative determinism much?


now i need to go throw up.


Wasn’t that a punk song ca. 1977?

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One of my favorite meme images…


Competitive eating has to be like the most first world competitive event ever. “WATCH ME SCARF DOWN ALL THIS FOOD, STARVING KIDS AROUND THE WORLD! THIS IS WHAT BEING ON TOP LOOKS LIKE!”


OMG I’ve found Trump’s running mate.

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I burned a hundred dollars once. A guy dared me. He was a four-flusher. He burned a fifty, I burned a hundred. He burned a twenty, I burned another hundred.


“Competitive Eating”

Obviously, seriously, this is a thing (for quite a while).

What does that say about us as a species?

There is something to be said about out-consuming one’s litter-mates, but eating 10x or 20x one’s daily caloric requirements at one sitting?

I for one welcome our robot overlords (as long as they don’t consume 20 kilocalories in petrochemicals on a daily basis).


Competitive eating predates our First World plenitude. In Ricky Jay’s Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women, he tells stories of e.g. a soldier in Napoleon’s army who obviously had severely unhelpful gut flora. The army had put this soldier on quadruple rations, but any chance he got he’d go roaming the streets for stray cats and dogs to eat.


no doubt, it just seems kind of shitty is all. And I get that stopping competitive eating won’t solve world hunger (its not like the choice is sending aid or holding an eating competition), it just perpetuates the image that America and it’s allies are total assholes.

Douglas Adams should have thought of this profession, as another example for B ark travellers.

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They never mention the darker side of competitive eating, like what happens afterward.

Do they spend the next 6 hours in agonizing meat sweats and restless twilight sleep? Do they just purge themselves at the nearest flush toilet / gutter / parking lot, and if not, do they shit themselves to near death a few hours afterwards?

Also, I can’t imagine, but the sodium intake must be massive. How do they keep their hearts from exploding out of their chests?


It’s in Newcastle, I’d have thought that they would have used the Geordieloo (created because someone thought that a phall just wasn’t a hot enough curry).

@GilbertWham, do they still make Geordieloos up there?

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I am fascinated and horrified.


I have many of these same questions. Most specifically, if they don’t puke, what happens if it reaches, erm, the other exit?

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