Watch a woman eat over 6 pounds of cup noodles

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I don’t understand

and I don’t think I want to.
No good will come from this.


Gotta have a hobby I guess. I wouldn’t be so much worried about the carbs as the sodium spike from eating all that.


For your enjoyment, competitive eater Gal Sone versus a NYC based Japanese-American Magician Cyril Takayama:

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Her channel is full of this kind of thing. Eating 100 hamburgers. Eating 200 pieces of sushi. A huge bowl of curry. With hundreds of thousands of views on everything. This may well be making enough ad impressions to be her job: eating huge amounts of food on camera, and… I dunno. Taking lots of laxatives to speed it through? Vomiting? Whichever, I’m sure she’s got to be doing something to not actually digest all of this cheap, bulky food.

Humans are weird.


Some fetishes are a little… unusual, yes. (People definitely enjoy watching her eat. I’m not sure if she has a fetish for over-eating, though.)

I almost puked on that one…


Could she at least eat good things?
Those look like pretty shitty noodles…


Well, better noodles would cost a lot of money. This is less about the food and more about her eating a lot of food for people who like to watch this sort of thing.

For the record, fart porn exists!


That reminds me of Philip Larkin at the end of his life. He told a friend he was living on “gin, Complan, and cheap red wine”.

She asked, “Couldn’t you at least drink good red wine?”

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Japan’s porn is so far ahead of the rest of the world’s, it’s almost unrecognizable.


A sufficiently advanced science being indistinguishable from magic?


As does balloon porn. The internet is weird.

Related, previously on the Boing:

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This seems like something that should require a work of theodicy from all pastafarians. Surely a just flying spaghetti monster would not allow such a thing to come to pass?


That’s more mayonnaise than I eat in a decade. Gross.

That’s not regular mayonnaise. It’s made with olestra.

And she’s sitting on a toilet.


I know how to improve on this.

And then there’s this gal (volume warning!)

Don’t knock it until you try it. That is actually pretty good instant yakisoba. I’ve had them many times. They have a little pour spout in the packaging to drain of water and the noodles come out quite well. The kewpie mayo though I’ll never get used to.

Yup. and if you’ve got interesting friends like mine who like to try to one-up each other on internet weirdness, you soon learn that “cake fart” porn also exists…

Trust me, do not google unless that’s your thing.