Woman in Korea earns over $9K/month eating food in front of her webcam


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A word to the ladies - a man likes a woman with an appetite. If I’m out on a date, I don’t want to watch a woman pick at her food or it makes me think “What, she doesn’t like this place? She’s mad at me? She’s having a rotten time?”


This sort of thing makes me curious, was she responding to a demand that was already there, or did she just start streaming her meals, and it just caught on?

It’s weird that something could be so popular to many people, yet unheard of to others in this age of online everything.

I like money, too. We should hang out.

That headline is something I’d expect to see in a comments section (though usually prefixed with something like “Your article really piqued my interest and will give me something to think about…”)


And here I was, trying to schedule a bikini modeling gig for $100 to pay my rent. How can I sign up for this?


An offer to any rich Korean business people out there: I would happily broadcast myself eating Korean food every day for free if the food was good enough quality and also free.


I admit it, I use to watch some Japanese dude that eats MREs that he buys online. It’s no longer available, sadly.

Youtubers that appreciated him called him Iron Stomach Kato. Some of those MREs were of ahem questionable quality.


At least they don’t have to sit on cakes while dressed in short shorts.

I googled MREs too find out what that means. Google rocks.

Iron Stomach, great handle.

The most frustrating thing about reading about people who make ridiculous amounts of money doing random, stupid things on the internet is that I’ll never be one of them.


Holy hell that’s enough food for like ten people.


Rule 34.

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Damn, now I want bulgogi and some buckwheat noodle soup.

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