Man claims Grubhub delivered him a cup of urine instead of the milkshake he ordered

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I believe it. Delivery drivers are so overworked they routinely urinate into containers in their vehicles. It’s entirely plausible that a driver might have mixed them up.


In the San Diego area, I see urine bottles and cups on the roadside all the time. Delivery folks of any stripe are overworked these days.


I’ve heard that people not tipping Grubhub, Doordash, and UberEats drivers has become a real problem, and I believe it. These companies, ideally, would pay their drivers much better and not force them to rely on tips, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon, so if you use these services, please please please tip the driver and tip them well. And if you can’t afford the tip, then don’t use the service. Also, we should demand that all of these services simplify their pricing so that so much of it isn’t hidden in “fees” so you don’t think you’re ordering a burger and fries from Wendy’s for $10, and then when you check out, it shows $15 even before the tip. I suspect that’s contributing some to the lower tips. Some people probably think that fee goes to the driver. It doesn’t, typically.


Further, delivery is one of the most dangerous jobs in our economy. It sits above underground miner in terms of OSHA claims. Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs According to OSHA | Invictus Law, P.C.
As “independent contractors” they often do not get L&I accident insurance when they are injured on the job.
How have we let things come to this.


preach. the whole industry is sleazy, the drivers are independent contractors so the company doesn’t have to pay social security because the drivers have to pay their own taxes. everything is set up to screw the person who actually does the work.


So, did he get his milkshake?


Now that we’ve gotten the importance of looking out for the drivers out of the way…

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(A reference to a tasty beverage) /s


What about the guy who ordered the urine and got stuck with a milkshake instead? Why aren’t we hearing his story of woe?


I have to think there are a lot of people like me who do tip well, in advance of often regrettably poor service, but I do. Which is why I use these services very, very rarely, but I would certainly use them more if it wasn’t so expensive and dicey.

Sure, they gave me a cup of urine, but it took 90 minutes to get it. When it finally showed up it wasn’t even warm and half of it was spilled on everything else.

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I’ve had good luck, but I live in a rural-ish area next to a suburban area, so I think there are about 10-15 regular drivers. I see the same names a lot. I use Doordash and Instacart quite a bit, because I can afford it and because it’s a 15 minute drive to the nearest decent grocery store or restaurant and it’s convenient for me. I tip at least 20%, often more. I work as an in home caregiver, so I can’t always leave the house. It’s worth it to me. Anyway, I’ve rambled, but my point was that because there seem to be a limited number of regular drivers who will deliver to me, and I tip well, I haven’t had many problems. The most I can complain about is that they occasionally miss the note about not ringing the doorbell, and then my dogs lose their shit when the doorbell rings.

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I’ve gone from the former to the latter. I’ve always tipped well for food delivery, and in return I invariably get ice cold food in portions half the size you get at the restaurant but for twice the price, delivered late by incompetent morons who can’t follow simple directions like “Text me instead of ringing the doorbell because it’s midnight and everyone’s asleep”. I still order directly from a nearby pizza place on rare occasions, but services like Grubhub no longer get my business. Their quality and service is so unforgivably shoddy I’d almost classify them as a scam rather than a legitimate business.

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