Man convicted of murdering trans teen Nikki Kuhnhausen

Thank you!
Came here to post exactly this, in an absolute fury, and so glad someone was already on it.
To be clear: the murderer hangs out with males all the time - and assumedly does not strangle them.
He murdered her for being trans.


When I decided to move out of Tennessee, one of my family members sent me a long compelling letter to stay in Tennessee, because it was safe for my trans wife and myself.

I sent her back (it’s now outdated) a summary of the laws between Saudi Arabia and Tennessee, noting that at the time homosexuality was still illegal (though, unprosecuted) in Tennessee as a crime against nature, demanding the death penalty, as well as a whole bucket of rights we don’t have.

That brought some sobriety into the conversation that I think she just wasn’t ready for and the family stopped complaining about me.


I bring this up because there are still plenty of states just WAITING to go back to the laws they have on the books still.


Ok, going to go cry in the bathroom. Fucking asshole, rot in that prison cell.


I didn’t know that Barney Frank has a history of trans exclusion. While I was looking it up, I found a 2014 article in the Advocate in which Anthony Weiner (no, really!) criticizes Frank’s decision to exclude transgender workers from the doomed Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2007:

“If we are going to make a symbolic stand, the symbolic stand should be … that we are sticking together, that when we say ‘GLBT,’ we mean it.”

Seven years later, Weiner was a disgraced former representative, soon to be a convicted sex-offender, and Frank was still defending his exclusionary stance, saying that trans activists hadn’t done enough to warrant being included in the bill. I’ve got to believe that even if you’re an icon like Frank, being called out by Anthony Weiner is one of those moments where you pause and re-evaluate your choices to see where you went wrong.


I’m a trans woman. This type of story is super hard for me, and reading the comments on stories like this elsewhere is basically self-harm. But not here. I just want to say I love all you happy mutants. :purple_heart:


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Maybe I’ve filtered out enough toxic subs from my feed, or maybe the horrors of the 21st century are finally bringing people together (silver linings, amirite), but I’ve been finding Reddit, of all places, to be a surprisingly and increasingly enlightened space over the past year or so. All the toxicity just gets downvoted to hell. Really nice to see how many people there are who are actually pro-humanity. I just wish more of them were actively-voting Americans.

Stay safe, sister. We’re all in this together.


I’m glad this forum is a space where you feel safe and welcome.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ve got an account on Reddit I use for only trans stuff, and that’s been lovely. Trans Reddit is pretty good, as is trans Twitter (after you block the most virulent haters), but hate still creeps in sometimes. It’s been particularly bad lately because of the stuff out of the UK - might need to take a social media break, to be honest.

Me too. Y’all rock! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Takes one to know one.
Be well and stay safe.


I think I’m going to recommend Shinigami Eyes, as a browser extensions for most major browsers:

It’s basically crowd-sourced anti-trans notifier and detector. You put this extension in, and trans-friendly spaces and links will show up GREEN, whereas trans-hostile / lgbt hostile sites and people will show up RED.

You can also report as you find it.


That’s good to hear.

We’re doing it right, I guess?


Hopefully. I endeavor to be the kind of ally to others that I would want for myself.


A great rule to live by…


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