Man, cops sure do love calling their surveillance programs "Skynet"


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Well naturally the authorities identify with the sapient machines that want to wipe out all of humanity. Who else are they going to empathize with, those scruffy terrorist hoodlums who want to blow shit up?


What could possibly go wrong?


There is a Skynet Drive in a neighbouring town to me; it leads to the communication centre for Skynet.


I think it is also used for some British military system.
Edit: Skynet is a family of military communications satellites,


Huh? No! The British system is Skyfall.


What could possibly go wrong


A rose surveillance system by any other name would smell snoop as sweet indiscriminately.


Thats weird, i call all the software i write SkyNet…


I name all my Python scripts “NotSkynet”


Wow, talk about coincidences. That’s my wifi network name.

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