Always-on CCTVs with no effective security harnessed into massive, unstoppable botnet

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So… Skynet is a bunch of webcams?

We are so fucked.


Back in the day, America had to learn on it’s own that corporations don’t always make safe decisions for consumers. Dr. Zog’s Bag O’ Glass comes to mind (Fun sparkly colors! Fantastical noises! Never be bored again!)…okay, the Pinto and the Corvair come to mind as real examples.

Can there be code that’s unsafe at any speed? Will we reach a point in the near future of being able to sue the manufacturer of a webcam that allowed virtual intruders because of shoddy programming? Or will this always be a case of, “well gosh, that’s too bad, sorry to hear it”?


I’m putting some hope into this working out:


people keep bringing up Skynet. For this I’m thinking more like The Machine


You and I, both (hoping that this project works out). I’m enough of a computer person to think creating such a UL is a great idea, but not enough of a programmer to know how bad of an idea it is or how difficult such a thing would be to build/setup. I’m all for it, though, as the marketplace for IoT things feels a lot like (and looks a lot like) the Wild West.

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I’ve heard Mudge speak about it in a couple of interviews and it sounds like he’s leaning more towards something that resembles Consumer Reports. The basic idea being your average consumer can make buying decisions based upon a products rating in different security categories, even if they don’t know much about the topic.

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a botnet made of hacked 25,500+ [sic] CCTV cameras in 105 countries.

Wasn’t there a movie where Batman had this? But he was too honorable to use it or something?

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