Man faces two years in prison for saying Turkey's president looks like Gollum


You’re confusing things. I’m saying that Turkish justice may consider these things minor quibbles/nitty gritty details. I haven’t voiced a personal opinion on the matter at all (and probably wont, because I don’t find it an interesting venue of discussion).


I was not assuming that this was your personal opinion. But I think it is indeed more interesting to get various people’s opinions. Why privilege the views of official Turkish justice? Some of us might not care what they think - especially if they can’t/won’t articulate it. Taking them to task can be fun and educational.


Fuck me! I wonder how long you get for saying he and his son appear to be deeply enmeshed in the funding of ISIS?


Didn’t the last German president resign over some dodgy loan situation? Presumably they mean defamation as the making of malicious, untrue statements, rather than simply slagging them off.


Aren’t you thinking of Dobby?


Yup. They pulled this shit on a nobel laureate novelist a few years back, too.


I like this one


Yeah, they keep saying that, but we all know two things at this point. First, the Turks did target the Armenians and tried to wipe them out in the early part of the 20th century. And second, now we know that Erdogan really does look like Gollum.

Thanks for that!


I know. And they don’t see the irony of their “careful ‘perception management.’” :wink:


IF I was his legal team I’d make the case they got it all wrong, he wasn’t saying Turkey’s president looks like Gollum, he was saying Gollum looks like Turkey’s president. See. His statement wasn’t about the president, it was about Gollum.


Of course if he didn’t look like Gollum, if he was a handsome Viggo Mortensen kind of guy, then this wouldn’t be a problem.

Everyone would say “Don’t be stupid. He’s gorgeous”. But he does look a bit Gollumy, and obviously he’s been teased about it in the past. And now he’s President, he don’t have to take that shit no more.



You are correct: Erdogan was elected in 2003. Typically for the man, he used the excuse of having to bring in Europe-requested legislation to make it even harsher. Then he wondered why they didn’t let him in the club: for once, Eurocommissioners saw right through the guy.


You’ll find out soon: Turkey arrests editors over reports Ankara supplied weapons to Syrian fighters.

The “best” thing is: at this point, the fact that Erdogan and Turkish authorities profit from the Syrian civil war is the worst-kept secret in the universe, Russians even got the oil trucks on film.


Good, I was a bit worried there for a minute!


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