The Unspeakable, Illegal Insults Hurled at Turkey's President (with illustrations!)


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If the US had laws like Turkey does, half the nation would be in prison for mocking the president and a different half would be in prison for a different presidential term. Instead, it seems like half the nation is in prison for minor drug offenses.



I guess Ruben’s already crossed Turkey off his list of holiday destinations.


Turkey’s Erdogan is a goat fucker? Apparently…


In Turkey, holiday destinations cross _Ruben_s off.

I may have misappropriated something there.


Erdogan’s appearance on an American TV show went even more badly, but at least hasn’t resulted in any prosecutions yet.


No, if the US had laws like this, we would be much more careful what we say and write.


As is the case, for example, in a hostage situation.


<– sphincter boy


Land of the Free! right?

Who says Americans don’t do sarcasm :wink:


Obligatory TMBG reference:

"So if you satirize Erdogan in Berlin,
You’ll be prosecuted in Istanbul…":notes:


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