Man gets 50 years in prison for $1.2-million fajita scam


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50 years! Now that’s draconian.


I wonder if they serve fajitas in that prison.


Low-level grift gets punished mercilessly; high-level grift earns the presidency.

Weird, right?


A solid customer base! This means he easily could have just made his own legitimate fajita business.


I’m just wondering how one guy sells 800 pounds of fajitas in a day. That seems like a crazy amount.



It got to the point where I couldn’t control it anymore.”

Roger That!



Every day, only to him.


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It does seem crazy. Perhaps he had arrangements with restaurants/food trucks, for them to come pick up the fajitas.


This is why many financial institutions force employees to take vacations. Stuff gets uncovered when somebody else has to do their work.


How much is it going to cost the great state of Texas to incarcerate this man for 50 years?


Shouldn’t the sentence of 50 years be shared with the Juvenile Justice Department’s accountant? How could he/she blindly pay all those invoices for nine years?!?


It appears the grift is that he was charging the fajitas to the state agency, so he was getting free fajitas. A far more profitable business model than buying all the ingredients and making them yourself.

Looking at the math, he roughly made about $133,000 a year for nine years, which means if he bought them every normal work day he was making around $500 a day.


So tell me again why the crooks running Wells Fargo aren’t in jail?


They should make him eat 800 pounds of fajitas. That’ll learn him.


The lesson is: if you want a life of crime, make it in virtual goods on Wall Street, not real goods that actually get delivered somewhere. He could have stolen 10x that much by financial scams and in the unlikely case of getting caught gotten a fraction that sentence. The more complex the better, leave pyramids for the dummies. Insider trading is by far the best.


Idiot. That’s only legal when you are the sheriff.