Man in go kart evades police on California freeway


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They should have used the blue shell. . .


If you don’t know whether he got away then why did you say he “evades” the police?


Drive on, Kowalski.


Mario! Luigi! Yousa get over here, right-a now!



It’s Schrodinger’s go kart. He both got away and didn’t get away at the same time.


“Go Kart Outlaws” would be an excellent name for a rock band.


Perhaps he got some inspiration from this Dutch commercial



Go Yoshi, go!


I think this footage was actually leaked from the upcoming movie, Mario Kart: Special Victims Unit.


And folks say California isn’t fun…


Wait a minute…this a re-enactment of an old CHiPs episode!


If the clowns aren’t stating that they caught him then they either did not catch him (yet, they can just keep the search open, thus he hasn’t ‘gotten away’), they DID catch him but fucked him up in some obvious and unexplained way, or this wasn’t an actual police chase this was some tv/film/commercial stunt of some sort.

Is Remi in California at the moment?


Why, yes I do just happen to hang out on the side of a freeway with a camera. Why do you ask?


Clearly it’s Boris Johnson running away from his Brexit position.


so, what was he yelling? “BOWEEEREEE GOO DA WAY WAYYYY!!!”



Most people now have cameras all the time. Digital storage and uploading is cheap. Why not film everything?


There was a guy used to live near me had an oversize dodgem car shell on some kind of small car chassis that he used to DD in the summer. I think it was an old rear-engine Fiat 500 by the size of it. It was a Wonderful Thing, I wish I had pictures.


Man in go kart followed by police on California freeway.