Man in green suit on baseball field recreates iguana escape scene from Planet Earth II


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The night of the iguana.


Hooray for Green Man! And hooray for Yellow Man for facilitating an escape.


Which is the cue to watch the Snoop Doggity Dogg version:


Typical minor-league promotional hijinks – even the PA guy is into the act. Time to remind folks to read up on Bill Veeck, and Eddie Gaedel, perhaps?

Still funny as hell, though.


They should sign him up


Green suited man on green field … why do I feel this was done intentionally for video editors to have fun with?


What was funny was the yellow iguana guy hailing his green buddy iguana guy to the escape portal.
What was scary was all those snakes just slithering just around waiting for an iguana lunch.
Glad they both got away.



who is yellow-suit man??? and how was he able to open the outfield gate for green-suit man??? sooo many questions…


Dick Tracy?



Man, It’s just weird seeing YCH running around like that.

I wonder how much this one costs.


I was just as nervous as when I first saw the iguana scene. If one of those groundskeepers had managed to unhinge his jaws and swallow that guy whole I would have been bummed. Always root for the underdog.


It was all masterminded by red-suit man who had several contingency plans, just in case. Like having blue-suit man, russet-suit man, mauve-suit man and beige-suit man waiting at four separate exits with getaway cars.


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