Man in hang glider fails to strap in properly, hangs by his hands for dear life

Just a heads-up there is no such thing as a fondue truck. But a raclette truck maybe.

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What’s happening there? Employee got accidentally caught on the harness?

fondue boat then?


Better, yes. This particular floating restaurant is in Geneva on the river Rhône, in case anyone should wonder.
Or maybe our Fondue Tram in Zurich.

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Note to self: Always inspect life-saving equipment yourself whenever possible.



If you don’t have a buddy- get a buddy.


She had a better title, too!

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True but the way he had his hand over the instructor’s shoulder it might have taken him a few seconds to even realize he wasn’t hooked up.

If you watch the video - he’s above a safe dropping altitude in 3 seconds. It wasn’t quite a cliff jump but a steep slope nonetheless.


See what happens Larry?! This is what happens when you fly a stranger through the Alps!


Oh definitely. And its instinctive to grab something.

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Oh cripes. I once saw a bunch of guys with a ski boat and a parasail on Palau Langkawi. They tried to launch a woman from a beach, but the wind was off, ie, blowing along the beach. As soon as she got off the ground the glider swung around to the down wind position. The boat driver lost his nerve and cut the power. The woman slapped down on to wet sand from about three metres.

In the space of two weeks no less.

My dad was the last guy on the lake we lived on that tried the neighbor’s parasail. He launched from the beach and got about ten feet up when the chute hit a crosswind and dumped him in the water. Wouldn’t have been bad except his arm landed on a dock - nice long rip, bunch of stitches and barely missed an artery.

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