Airplane wing gives man an unwanted haircut


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Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect.


Holy Shit. I thought pilots usually wore hard helmets too?

I imagine someone is getting a license revoked/suspended.


There’s a “just like my spouse” joke in there somewhere.


I can imagine that same someone getting an ass kicking too.


Even so, would you trust Red to fly your plane now that he’s totaled his own before he even got in the air?


His right hand was pretty lucky too, by the look of it


He injured it in the accident. In the original video he gasps pretty loudly trying to get out of his harness due to it tweaking his hand.


I saw this live. Slightly terrifying.


So what was the deal? Who was in the wrong place? Did he not see the plane on the tarmac?


plane that did the hitting was a tail dragger (3rd wheel on the tail) their noses are in the air and difficult to see around. not sure of the circumstances of this incident but tail draggers are notorious for being at the center of collisions on the ground.


Here’s the vid. (I hadn’t seen a link yet, but I could well have been overlooking the obvious.)


where are the lines of demarcation on the runway area simple stupid
and were do we go for solice even if you were nominated as the passenger


Makes more sense with it being a racing event.


It looks like the turtle deck is what saved him. I can’t believe I remember that term from helping my Dad fabricate one for his replica Waco biplane 25 years ago, but there it is. Turtle deck.


Yeah, it sure looks like it pushed the incoming wing up and over his head. That was close.


Looks really painful, poor dude.


it appears to me that the plane’s wing is lower, the shape of the plane body and the back of the cockpit make the wing run up and just barely over his head, slightly tipping the oncoming plane a bit. it is clearer when you examine the relevant frames. if he was taller his head would be hitting the cockpit glass when in place.

crazy close call…wow.


what do you fly?


This was in the context of an airshow performance, where accidents are more likely to occur, but I do wonder why the pilot of the overtaking aircraft didn’t realize there was a problem ahead. One possible reason is that aircraft have terrible visibility down and directly ahead. From the article somebody on the ground realized there was a problem but only tried to use hand signals to call things to a halt.