Watch a British Airways plane abort its landing at Heathrow after fighting strong winds

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I wonder if the pilot can feel that in the cockpit. Or… somewhere else.


guaranteed he felt that through the seat of his pants.


Pretty sure someone had to clean up what the pilot felt after that.


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That’s a tail strike right there.

Pilots are trained to handle these events by dying over and over again in simulators. While not exactly routine they are not necessarily that dangerous. Plane will need to be pulled and inspected however.


I assure you everybody on board felt (and heard) that.


we had a landing like that once coming into Denver, only a little more wobble. pilot came on intercom after we did the touch and go and said – with extreme calm – “well folks, that was wind shear. now you know what that’s like. we’re just gonna try that again”. it was 20 years ago and i still think about it every time i am on a plane ready to land.


Did it actually have a tail strike? I thought it looked close but not quite. I think i’d be mildly terrified if I felt the tail strike, I’ve been in smaller jets that the wind shear literally moved the plane around like a kid playing with a toy. Not too fun really


I hate to use the word favorite but when nothing else is on I will watch Air Disasters. I always like happy endings on that show.

This was cool to see especially knowing the outcome before watching.


That video gave me agita.


I worked in the US in the early 00’s. I took a flight to Indianapolis. Pilot had to shear off at a ‘jaunty angle’ quickly. People not strapped in got bounced right up before he immeduately swung back in and parked it, hard. Nobody said a thing, we just got off all 100 bug eyed lucky people people in near silence… trufax

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It didn’t look like the tail actually struck the ground; but planes are designed to survive this, as this video from the 7478F test programme shows:

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Wow, that’s scary! Old story: my fam was sitting in the tail section of a Caravelle when I was a kid (yes, I’m old) when it had a tail strike and did a go-around. Didn’t seem like a big deal to me, until I looked over at my dad. He was a mechanic for the airline, and he was white as a ghost and squeezing both armrests harder than I’d ever seen him grab anything.


Amateur :slight_smile:

I’ve flown a lot and I’m a calm passenger except for the last few seconds aloft. The ground whipping by and getting so-close-you-could-touch-it is too much for my amygdala, and I’m confident there’s a good chance we’re going to die soon.

I’m glad I saw this and @MikeKStar explained that it’s a semi-normal thing pilots train for, because a live one might’ve otherwise been difficult indeed.


Incoming, or outgoing?

Any landing you can shuffle away from is a good landing, eh?

It is the idea of the tires hitting the tarmac with the full weight of the plane, and having to spin up to 100mph+ that gives me the willies.


Damn near bumped the ass of the jet on the tarmac after the abort.


There’s a whole raft of storm landing videos (takeoffs too) on YouTube. Seems like Schiphol in Amsterdam and a couple of German airports have epic winter storms, and go-arounds are common. A380s and 747s too.


The only winning move is not to land.

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