Watch man's horrifying hang gliding trip when instructor forgets to strap him in

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Ugh, no thanks. Just thinking about it makes me ill. I think I’d be dropping ballast from both ends if that happened to me.


You’d kind of think he should’ve let go during the first few steps, but something in his manner makes me think he might have thought he hadn’t reached the end of the slack when in reality there was no connection at all.


oof, when the “Can’t hang on much longer” caption came up, I felt a wave of fear all the way through my weak little noodle arms. A reminder that chin-up bars and finger-grips save lives.


Not as dangerous, but this does remind me of my only tandem parachute fall, when they hadn’t adjusted the crotch straps well enough, and much of my weight was resting on my scrotum/testicles.


“WOW! That was the most exciting thing I have ever done in my life”

“I want my money back, NOW!!!”




Sometimes the headline and the main image tell the full story. #sonotclicking :scream:


Ug, I watched it. It’s more harrowing that I thought. He’s basically slipping the entire time and his left hand is the only thing holding the glider. It’s apparent from the video that the dude has amazing strength in that arm, given the wind and general force being applied.

Upon landing he said he suffered a “fragmented distal radius fracture” in his wrist and needed surgery. Apparently a regular cast won’t work to help it heal though. I was too afraid to switch to “images” when I Googled it!


There was a local accident where a father was teaching his daughter in a tandem flight and and failed to properly secure himself. He fell thousands of feet, and she, being untrained, held on and eventually crashed into a tree where she was stuck injured. She lived.

I can’t get in my car without stepping on the parking-brake, checking the parking and checking to see what gear it is in. I remember a ranger instructor pulling a firearm out of a box and going through the motions of making a sure a gun was safe even though he had just done that when he placed it in the box.

I think I’m now going to triple check the kids car seats till they are 35.


That escalated quickly.


See, see what you’ve done BoingBoing! Because of your relentless unforgiving crusade against Florida Man he isn’t safe anymore, even in idyllic Switzerland!

Truly, the gentllefolks of BoingBoing have much to answer for!


Even after my brother crashed her car through the garage door from the inside, my mom still insists on parking her stickshift in reverse. She lives in Kansas. That car’s not rolling off anywhere.


I’ve been in a few hair-raising incidents in my life, and one thing I’ve noticed is that if put in this guy’s position, I’d still be thinking to myself, “What a nice view”.


The first thing I got to drive regularly was a tractor with spit breaks, multiple clutches, and the “accelerator” opposite where the turn signal is on most cars. That was concurrent with me driving my ag teacher’s pickup truck (I was not old enough for a learners permit!), which was a 3 speed, and one changed gears where the turn signal was.

I think the Sears driving instructor was particularly dogmatic in how I was supposed to enter a car and double check it for fear that I would forget that it was a modern vehicle or with me or as a reminder that I couldn’t plunge the car into a open field for comfort and safety while I learned to drive.


Check everything and pay attention to the task at hand. I bonked into my retaining wall on the way out of the driveway this morning – first time I scratched a car in 30+ years – because I was letting six or eight other things dance in my head.

Also, I know the perspective does show it quite right but why didn’t the guy go for that grass at 1:00 into the film. Even tumbling the handglider on the ground because he can’t bleed the speed off fast enough has to be better for your passenger at that point.


He says he is going to go again because he didn’t get to enjoy the first time! :rofl: Some people are not easily shaken. :sunglasses:

That was one beautiful and scary flight to have to hang on for. watching speedflyers buzz rocks trees and canyons gives me a similar bump in adrenalean .


“I will go Hang Gliding again, as I did not get to enjoy my first flight.”



If I were hang-gliding in Switzerland, I would hire that instructor. He’s the one person in the world least likely to make that mistake again!


It should be called “hang-on gliding.”