Nail-biting video of frightened fellow paragliding, now with subtitled terror

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The video can go fuck itself!

That makes the video.


Oh, man. I so feel for that guy. I would have been the same.

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I love that “mother fucker” and “son of a bitch” are so fluently and appropriately used regardless of language. heh.


I kind of want to learn the backstory on how a man who so clearly doesn’t want to be paragliding ended up on a paragliding trip. That seems like a lot of money to spend just to experience your worst nightmare.


“Paragliding! Oh boy, thats what tiggers do best!”

(3 minutes later)

“Tiggers dont like paragliding, no, not at all!”


My favorite was the, “you’re a big dickhead,” “yes, I’m a motherfucker,” at the end.


That confirms my firm “nope” on paragliding. I still want to skydive someday, but the duration of the terror will be a lot shorter.

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Especially if the chute doesn’t open.


I wanna read the Yelp review on that ride.


I think all that yelping WAS the review.


Enkling the Younger wanted to try paragliding, Enkwife was like NOPE. So, I got elected to go and try it out with him (me being afraid of heights a bit I was none too eager). So it takes several trips to the cliffs south of SF, but finally he tries and then it’s my turn. Scariest part is running off a cliff… once I was up it was pretty darn cool. Whales, SF in the distance. It’s kind of quiet up there if you aren’t freaking out and screaming like that.

And yeah, holding your legs up at the end was hard, but this guy’s rig had a kind of bar or strap/seat that you sat in rather than having the harness take all the weight.

I’d do it again like mb in Hawaii.


Lot’s of parachuting deaths are from flying into stuff at low altitudes rather than from chute failure. It’s why I’ve heard some skydivers think paragliding is more dangerous. Both sports are claimed to be as safe as driving, which kills 35,000 or so people a year in the US alone. Not sure that is really a recommendation…


When the g-forces have you calling out to your ancestors…LOL.

Admittedly, I hyperventilated “like a motherfucker” on my first parachute jump, though I loved it and kept my grandma’s name out of it.


“Fear and exhilaration ARE palpable,” guys. Fundamentals.

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That guy was being a little unreasonable. His passenger didn’t have to have his legs raised the WHOLE time. Just when they were about to land.

Poor guy, I feel his pain. I’m like that when I ride the roller coaster. It’s hard to imagine I was once an air cadet and use to fly gliders and do negative g’s in small air planes.

“Let go of that or it’ll break and we’ll both die” I hope that is hyperbole, but what kind of equipment have they concocted where the inexperienced dead weight passenger could possibly do anything to risk failure of any sort? I suspect the pilot didn’t want the rider’s hands anywhere near the carabiner-like bits connecting the harness rig to the 'chute. Those shouldn’t be able to be easily opened by hand, right? Please say it is so.

The flight instructor asked the pupil: Do you know how to pray? And thus, both men prayed with faith! Hallelujah!

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But you would probably have the sense not to pay for a tandem flight.


Its definitely possible to open a carabiner in flight.

I think this passenger should stick to commercial jet transport in the future. And the full service kind, not cut rate flights where you have to make any decisions at all.


Well an emergency landing is always a possibility and when that happens there might not be time to ensure his legs are raised. Additionally, keeping your legs up reduces drag. Without they they may not have made it to the landing zone.