Man lives in a storage unit and explains how to get away with it


Forget 1984 or Neuromancer man…The world Snow Crash invisioned is here just without the ubiquitous virtual reality.


I agree.


There’s a guy in my neighborhood that lives in a very nice mercedes sprinter… I’ve gotten a peak in the back when he takes something out and he has it really clean and organized– he definitely has a system. In some ways this is nothing new (I think van-dwelling really took off in the 60’s), but this guy is clearly not the beatnik type… Like you say, he doesn’t look like someone you’d expect to live in a van. I’d like to talk to him and find out more about his lifestyle but am afraid of invading his privacy by knocking on his door. Don’t want him to feel unwelcome in the neighborhood.



There, I FTFY.


Why do you feel the need to welcome me here, citizen? I’ve been here all along. Do you possess the appropriate authority to act as a designated Welcomer?



Apparently, under the new administration, there will be no differentiation between toilet, shower and bed.



“L-Mart”? Is that the new Scientology shopping outlet?

I misread the guy’s name as “Christ”.



The removed user was giving a recommendation to watch “Monster” for “hot scenes of girls making out”.


Ugh… Glad their comment got removed.


Ah, those guys are living the dream.

One of those horrible dreams you can’t wake yourself up from, but still.


Kind that nomad CHUD life…


$5 per day tax-free is a significant amount for anyone living on less than $25,000 per year, a bracket that probably includes most of those security-guard types.


There is a CheapRVLiving blog and attached Youtube channel that do interviews with folks that live like that.

There is another spinoff Youtube called EnigmaticNomadics:

I think the Youtube channels are the most interesting because there are interviews with all sorts of folks, for all sorts of reasons. There are the usual care living suspects, but there are also folks with professional jobs, from acting, to accounting, etc.

I’m kind of considering the van thing, if I can get 100% telework. I’d like to be the guy that gets asked, “So where are you today?”


Remember you have a friend in the Mafia!


Anybody want to bring up a comparison between storage unit living and Ghost Ship?

I’ve got nothing insightful to say, but I’d like to hear others’ opinions.


There seem to be camper vans all over San Diego, but occasionally you see a Mercedes. They certainly appear to be roomy, and definitely tall enough to stand up inside.