Man reenacts weird logic gate game ad

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The games popping up as YouTube ads arent even real? That just annoys me even more now.


The best part is at least one tried to have the logic gate stuff hacked into their game because everyone got mad it wasn’t there, but it’s still not the same as what’s shown in the ad.

I guess you can have one guy reskin “a game” and push it to the appstore, another guy make and test ads for “a game”, but making the two games be the same thing requires several more guys, and might not reasonably be possible with the reskinnable game’s underlying code, if they even have it licensed and open to them in the first place.

It’s as if the people doing the advertising barely understand what games are. Like all games are just the same thing to them, like jelly beans or sunglasses or cosmetics where they can build an entire business exclusively through branding and targeting.


That medium article is marked as being written by an ad analytics company. What?


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I was not aware of this trend. Thank you, ad blocker!


If they make money from it, then it’s also like the “players” don’t understand what games are either.

The oddest bit of the advertising for these games is the transparent attempt at manipulation that must work if they keep doing it. Most of these ads demonstrate a failed attempt at the ridiculously simple puzzle as if wanting the consumers to think, “I can do better than that!” and then download the game.

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This blog post is misleading too. Based on the title, I was expecting reenactment of AND, OR, XOR and NAND gates.


Most of us here would react to that approach by saying “you’re insulting my intelligence, so you and your poorly executed product with its recycled theme can piss off” (our reaction to most advertising in general). However, the imagination-addled schlock artists who make these game-like substances live in a world where advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry.

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Exactly my reaction. You mean, they plague us everywhere we go and they don’t even exist?



I have an adware Freecell game that I like. At first the ads (all for puzzle games) were infuriating, but after a while they got so outrageously manipulative that they became pretty entertaining in their own right. They’re clearly gaming some particular set of rules about how visible the “X” to close them has to be, where it can appear, whether it can move, how narrow its tolerances are before you’re actually clicking on the ad, and so forth.

They feel like they were designed by an AI in terms of their attention-getting techniques. Some of them openly insult you, some have spelling mistakes so bizarre that no human could possibly make them unless on purpose, and one makes a very soft sound of a kitten mewing, totally unrelated to the game.

★★★★☆, highly recommended.


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