Man walks forward with feet facing backwards

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Still working out how to parlay this skill into a crime-fighting career.


Now he just needs to have his nails done up right…

… and he’ll be like something straight out of a Guillermo del Toro film.




No, no, no. This is Moriarty-level shit. Imagine a Sherlock Holmes trying to figure that out.


It’s very surreal to wake up at Burning Man and discover the first person that can do what I can. I always knew they existed - but to make it into a Guinness book of records feat - never crossed my mind. All ever used it for was to convince my little sister I was an alien.

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One glance at the picture and I was “no, no, NO
Do not want to look at pic, let alone see video. This makes me feel ill - I can almost feel the pain in my leg joints.

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Well I can walk backward with my feet facing forward!


The picture hurts just to see it. Can’t watch the video.

I’m calling bs on the foot turning around 180 degrees. Its more like 155-165 degrees, since the foot isn’t poining straight back. I would say that this definitely qualifies as facing backwards, but not to the degree that he claims.

(How is this not a meme yet? I made this myself just now, on a friggin iPad.)

A friend in school could do this too. Very freaky. I don’t think he ever tried to walk more than a few feet this way, though.

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