Man Who Sold the Moon wins the Sturgeon Award!


Congratulations Cory. I suppose this means that story is in the top 10 percent.


Anyone else see the headline and think this was an award for a con artist who managed to pull off the most audacious scam? (I guess that would also be for a work of fiction…)


I wondered why they didn’t give the award to Robert Heinlein while he was alive.


Feliciationes, Cory.

I looked at the first photo of the award and said “Hey my friend Pat Murphy was the second person to win it!” (friend from college). If you haven’t read her work, it’s great - try “The City Not Long After” if you are a SF (San Francisco) fan…


Yes. I was confused. BBS Titles seem not to express italics which would have made it obvious to me.


yes, especially in light of the news story about the lady selling plots on the sun which mentions Dennis M. Hope’s selling actual plots on the moon. Even though I had read the short story, i was confused for a second until i sorted out in my head what this was about.

congratulations @doctorow, well done!


Contrafibulations, Cory!

But… what is that thing on the top of the award? A three-dimensional cross-section of a hyperdimensional creature?


It looks to me like a bashed-in male/mars symbol (♂) rotated to have the arrow pointing toward 0 degrees (on a standard protractor), plus… A slug? coil of poo emoji? wad of sculpted bubblegum?


Congratulations! I am surprised, you really don’t have the right beard for the award - I thought that was a compulsory event.


Congratulations, Cory. It was a great story!


Way to go, Cory!
Congratulations, and thanx for lots of great tips over the years; I first learned about Burning Man from you…and best of all, you turned me onto ‘cold brew’…That’s a BIG ‘thank you’, and keep doin’ what yer doin’


A “Q” and an arrow, symbolizing: “Ask the next question.” --a famous quote of Theodore Sturgeon.

Have you wondered about the shape on top of the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award? (See the photo of the trophy on the left, below.) It’s a stylized Q with an arrow through it, Theodore Sturgeon’s signature mark. Sturgeon explains why he used this symbol in a June, 1967, essay from Cavalier Magazine, scanned and presented here…

Congratulations to Cory.


Thank you to all of you! I’m really over the moon about it today!




Congratulations, Cory. Superb story - poignant, funny and a very appealing bit of high concept woo. A sequel several decades hence? A century? I’m intrigued to know how those little printers get on. Or just leave it as is - a gift to the future.


Congratulations! I really enjoyed the story in Hieroglyphs; well deserved.


I’m very happy for you Cory, congratulations. I really respect your work and enjoy what you bring to this website.


Congrats, and well-deserved!


Fantastic mate. Also whoever designed that award logo is a tremendous lunatic.


Same here! My first thought was how could such an old story win an award?