Podcast: The Man Who Sold the Moon

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Wasn’t that a Heinlein short story from about 70 years ago?

That’s the one most people remember.

I really liked that story. Especially how he walks into the “Coke” CEOs office with a “Pepsi” button on his lapel to scare them into beating “Pepsi” to advertising rights on the Moon.

So what is Cory’s book about?

I think that Cory was doing a thing for awhile with using old titles for original stories. I don’t know if it was as an homage or as a commentary that titles of songs, movies and written works typically can’t be copyrighted, or both.

When he mentioned in his podcast with his daughter Poesy awhile back that he was going to podcast a serialized reading of the story I went ahead and found the text of the story that he had posted here in 2015 and started reading it. I’ve almost finished it and have really enjoyed it.

mum said you can’t sold or buy such thing nor even it could be correct to politily ask for it…it’s only a gift in a nice package

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