Podcast: The Man Who Sold the Moon, Part 04

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/02/12/podcast-the-man-who-sold-the-2.html

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Poesy’s going with you on this trip? How fun! I hope everything goes smoothly.

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Still going with that ripped off Heinlein title, eh?

You mean, “Did I retrospectively change the title of a story published in 2015?” No, no I didn’t. It’s “The Man Who Sold the Moon,” not “The Time Machine.” So don’t hold your breath.

Or perhaps you meant, “Are you continuing with your 15+ year project of writing stories (including Hugo-nominated ones) that use the same titles as classic sf stories (just as golden-age SF writers did with the works that preceded them) and riff on their themes?” Because yeah, the answer is, “I am.”


Thanks! We’re both SO EXCITED!

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Well, then, that is nice.

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