Man who was caught on video abusing his 14 year old daughter also owned more than 20 guns

Here’s the video in question (warning: it’s pretty hard to watch)


I agree 100% with re-enacting the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on predators but I’m also glad they didn’t try to abuse the 2 party consent law to abuse the victim

(FL is technically 2 party consent)

Yeah thanks but no thanks.

Christ, what a fucking asshole.

And good on her for finding the strength to make and turn in that video.


Let’s see: female AND a child…of course no one believed her. And yet, she’s wise enough and technically competent enough to know to install security cameras. That puts her ahead of many adult males already.



Please take care of yourself, hope you have or had a good night.


POS bag of scum.

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Two party consent laws need to DIAF. They are immoral for exactly this situation.

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Some states carve out exceptions for recording evidence of crimes, I think that’s a good middle ground between privacy and security.

What do you think of that as a compromise?

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