Man arrested for rape after his Playstation mic allegedly broadcast audio from the crime to other players


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For the love of Pete, please please PLEASE Florida Man take a day off!


How about Boing Boing hire an editor? Reading that synopsis the tone comes across like nothing I’ve ever expected from Cory (Voyeuristic and creepy). Editors can do more than just find your typos and grammar errors.


The linked article doesn’t sound like he was charged with rape. More like having sex in public.


What kind of wacky laws do they have in Florida? What, does “no” mean “yes” if she’s a minor?


I don’t know what Florida law says if there is a three year age difference but one partner in a minor. Does sound like it might have been consensual though.


Are we reading the same article? ↓↓↓


All of which is subjective. I agree it warrants an investigation and there is cause to suspect violence. If the police interviewed the girl and she didn’t say she was raped, then there wasn’t a rape.


If she was 15, it was rape. Period. She was not old enough to consent. Add to that a verbal ‘no’ and it’s rape twice over.



The police aren’t arbiters on what is and isn’t legally a rape. The courts are. That being said, there’s a world of difference between a crime that has enough evidence to be considered “rape” in a court of law and whether or not a rape actually took place.

Regardless, your notion that the police decide whether or not a woman was violated speaks more about your views than you may realize, I think. And more importantly, it is a terribly, utterly wrong and backwards notion.


This!!! THANK YOU!!


“When you gaze into the abyss it gazes back into you.”


That’s not how it works.




Just because the police use dirty tricks to make rape cases go away, doesn’t mean nothing happened.


As far as the law’s concerned, there’s nothing subjective about saying “No”. That’s a clear absence of consent, even in Florida.


Okay…here in Germany the legal age is 16 or even 14 see
Section 182
in combination with
Section 176



This didn’t happen in Germany. Statutory rape laws very wildly by state but Florida’s age of consent is 18 (with some narrowly defined exceptions).


Uh, I’m pretty sure it’s not usually considered ‘having sex’ when (a) your ‘partner’ is 15; and (b) she cries out things like ‘no!’