Man's two cute "puppies" grew into wild bears

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That would be great if they grew up to be these bears

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I really love a happy ending!

Yeah… almost too good to be true.

A long time ago we had a puppy we named “Bear” because it looked like a little bear, but it wasn’t a bear, it was a puppy.

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You can tell a bear from a dog because the bear’s paw looks like a pastry.


I am confused about the part where that photo looks like a puppy and not a bear-cub, since it looks like a bear-cub and not a puppy.




I think he’s got a cute face. Maybe temporarily . . .

“re-home” them? really?

Came to say exactly the same thing. Mine grew up to be a bit of a nutcase dog unfortunately, which isn’t uncommon with Australian sheep dogs…

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Bears are in the suborder Caniformia which means dog-like. The seals, sea lions and walruses clade are also Caniformia. Skunks, badgers raccoons & a lot of others are too including the Panda bear.

However, OtherMichael - I had the same thought…looks like a bear-cub, not a puppy.

I wonder if maybe this man is from a region that doesn’t have a lot bears adapted to the region - like endangered - and perhaps the region’s bears are a smallish, non-aggressive species that an uninformed person might mistake a cub for a puppy then not realize the adult’s species ?

Or maybe he knew he had a bear & figured feigning ignorance was worth a shot. Much like how one of my cousin’s friends told the police that his pot plants were an immature and not well-known variety of Japanese Maple.

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