Manuka honey is a sweet temptation for shoplifters

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Killing microbes in a test-tube has no correlation with therapeutic value, or we’d all be drinking bleach.

“Conflict of Interest Statement: DC, PB, and EH report grant and non-financial
support in the form of manuka honey from Comvita NZ Limited and Capilano
Honey Limited; RS is employed by Comvita NZ Limited, which trades in medical
grade manuka honey (Medihoney).”


“healing powers”
That’s bollocks. Which reminds me:


I have no idea if the honey “works”

I do. And it doesn’t.


I recently spotted an 8.8 oz jar at Costcofor US$350.

I’m pretty sure this is a typo. Around here the a jar of it is $35-60.

It tastes good compared to regular honey, so I get it occasionally, but at the end of the day it’s just another lump o sugar to put on pancake.


All honey has antimicrobial properties. It was used to preserve mummies in several cultures.

Manuka is good, but I’ll take Tupelo. Just as tasty and I don’t have to shoplift it.


It’s bee puke

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Honey has long been used to treat wounds, it could be effective at preventing infection? There is some research to suggest that is possible. It’s also one of the few foods that, left undisturbed and uncontaminated, doesn’t go bad - due to all of the sugar.

But ingesting honey as an anti-microbial? First off, if it worked as such it would negatively impact your beneficial gut flora as well as the bad. Second, any anti-microbial properties it has are likely derived from it’s high acidity and the high concentration of sugars - and your body breaks down those sugars very effectively.

At any rate, paying $20 for a small jar seems like a rip-off.


Way off for this! sells 35.2 ounces for $49.99.

Also, I’ve never tried this product and wondered why it was so prominently displayed on an end cap at Costco last weekend. Thanks for explaining the hype.

My personal favorite honey flavors are buckwheat and macadamia.


Must have been this one, but I can’t explain why they want so much money for it:


Humans are always glomming onto some new health kick, it’s like we all want a magic elixir. Bloodletting, radioactive water, tonic water, snake oil, “colon cleanses”, pyramids, copper bands, kombucha, etc etc. Even vitamins, which your body legitimately needs, are treated like magic and consumed in mega-doses that end up hurting you more than helping you.


Slurm Queen : Honey comes from a bee’s behind, milk comes from a cow’s behind, and have you ever had toothpaste?
Fry : Whose behind does that come from?
Slurm Queen : You don’t want to know!


PT Barnum could probably help with explaining that.


My best guess is that it has something to do with those UMF certifications / MGO numbers, which is probably some magic crystal technobabble that tells you how magical the expensive one is in comparison to the cheap one. The expensive one has 15 times the MGO of the cheap one, so paying 25 times the price per ounce is kind of a steal, right? (/s)


Bah, the only use Manuka Honey is actually good for is for specialized wound care. That and lightening your wallet.

When Dr. Oz or Paltrow starts pushing it you know it’s woo city.


Holy shit, I guess it wasn’t a typo. Or was it…

=Somewhere in New Zealand=
Kiwi1: Kia ora, you’ve entered extra zeros in our dollar price for costco shipment
Kiwi2: Ay, and we got order for more cases
Kiwi1: :open_mouth: Are they a bunch of idiots

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I once went to a hypermarket in Jebel Ali, with the intention of buying saffron grown in Iran. Persian saffron is supposedly the finest in the world, but fat chance buying an Iranian product in the U.S.

Not noticing any saffron on display, I asked a clerk where I could find it. They directed me to the camera department.

I’ll leave it at that.

One of my favorite honeys and only ~13.74 USD per 8.8oz

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Okay, I don’t get it. Please ELI5 me.

Yeah, this confused me. Maybe the camera department is where they sell easily shoplifted items-- products in cages, alarms, “bring this card to the register” etc.

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