This wild honey harvest how-to video is delightful

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Australians are a gift to the world.


Cool. But I prefer local honey when possible. Of course, the stuff is so darned expensive that I don’t get it much.

Even without my nostalgic love of the apiary (my grandfather kept bees) his infectious good nature had me smiling. Definitely need to get me some supers when I have the space.

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…it all begins in a field

Added to bucket list: travel to Australia, visit this place and chat with this delightful gentleman about bees over tea with honey. Or maybe a beer. Giggled at 5:40 when he drops a “check this shit out” just as natural as breathing and they left it in…or didn’t notice. Thank you for sharing!! I love bees and now I have something fun to binge watch tonight :slight_smile:

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Winnie the Pooh all grown up now.

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Or when he’s putting the label on, “this is the bitch part.”. LOL

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Nothing says newb like a tangential extractor. Useful as a car with 3 tires.

Nothing novel here.

Welcome, comrade! Please post your better method. We would all love to see it!

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