For twelve years, this family has let bees nest in their living room


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That’s a woefully short video, seems like there’s a much larger and interesting story here, about the household, how they have managed to co-habitate with bees, what the downsides or difficulties have been, etc. The video is basically “Hey we live with bees” clip ends


The good news is the honey sales just about cover the cost of their epipens, and they never have to clean up, as no one comes to visit!


I thought the same. Would have been interesting to see more of the practical realities and how they get along. Maybe this was the only footage free of the camera person screaming?


Before he became part of the hive…



And though the 21st century’s already seen one bee cult project, Murphy’s vision includes scary clowns who shoot bees out of their mouths

Which reminds me of this short I found enjoyable.

The girl who swallowed bees


My barn workshop’s been occasionally shared with honeybees, papermakers, mud-daubers, and bumblebees. The mud-daubers are annoying because they like to fill up the insides of machines with their brood tubes, but I haven’t been stung yet.

I think there are basically five key techniques.

  1. don’t be allergic
  2. don’t be excitable or afraid
  3. don’t be allergic
  4. watch what you’re doing and where you sit
  5. don’t be allergic

And incidentally, it’s a good idea to put a bucket under the combs. There’s a fairly constant fine dandruffy fall of wax bits as well as the occasional dead insect.


To Bee or not to Bee…




Good. Someday, and that day may never come, I’ll call upon you to do some buzziness for me. But until that day, accept this beehive as a gift on my daughter’s wedding day.


They’re covered in bees!



“Feng shui master said they came to work for me” said every Capitalist ever.


Maybe they act as a home security system, recognizing their host family as hive mates, but attacking any hostile intruders.



Hmmm; Roald Dahl; “Royal Jelly” …



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