Map depicts per-city STD rates nationwide

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The high rate in Houghton Michigan is interesting.

It’s an extremely rural area, one of the most rural parts of the country on the east side of the Mississippi.

It’s also home to Michigan Tech, an engineering school that’s over 90 percent male.

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Aren’t there a bunch of militia groups near there, too?

Guess they need more training in how to shoot their guns properly.


The uncolored county borders are way too thick on this map, making states with a large number of smaller counties appear to have lower STD concentration than those with fewer, larger counties.

I suspect in this case, the higher rate is attributable to the student population (6200-ish) not being counted by the website as part of the town population, but still counting all reported STDs, on campus or not. BTW, Tech’s student ratio was 75% male/25% female last year.



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What I find interesting is that there is absolutely no STDs in Canada!

Must be because of socialized single-payer medicine, eh?

Yes, there’s probably 5 guns for every person who lives in the Upper Pennisula.

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