Map of human excrement in San Francisco


If you go to the interactive map and zoom out it looks like a shitstorm originating in SF is growing to engulf all of SoCal.

So it’s pretty accurate.


Purely coincidental.


How do they know they’re not double-counting? What if you tag a poo and then it gets up and moves to a new location?



giggles like a maniac

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you just look for the locator collar. It tells you who tagged the poo, when it was tagged, and how far it has traveled since it’s last tagging.

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High overlap with the Hobo BJs Map.

Sometimes it can be tricky to tell the difference between “human” and “large dog.” I wonder if they had any lab techs on scene for verification.


I don’t recall the name for the combination of those two activities and am too lazy (and easily disgusted) to look for it on Urban Dictionary.

A clam with legs is called a crab.

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Paint it Pink?


There’s an ex-wife joke in there, I’m sure of it.


Two thoughts come to mind while viewing the map:

  1. I’m frankly surprised at how popular street corners and the middle of street intersections appear to be as… erm… dump sites. I’m hoping that the incidents that appear to be in the street are actually just GPS inaccuracy.
  2. I wish there was a heat map to show the “freshness” of each record. You could probably start picking up on some interesting migratory patterns with that sort of info (either that of the poopers, or that of the poop-taggers).
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Shitty map is shitty.

I suspect the phenomenon to which you refer is known colloquially as a “blumpkin.”

You’re welcome.

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So, I’m still a bit unclear…

Is this a map of actual pieces of excrement that have passed through a human digestive tract, or is this a map of humans who qualify only as excremental in value? The latter would certainly explain apparent movement.

I think there is a certain degree of correlation between these two. My guess is that the map shows the former, but the latter are needed to place the objects in-situ to be mapped later.


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