Map of power outages caused by squirrels

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A raccoon tangled with a 23,000 volt line today. The results blacked out 1400 homes and, of course, one raccoon.

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A couple years ago, I was visiting my parents’ house when there was a loud bang and the power suddenly went out.

We went out onto the front lawn and there’s a gently smouldering pile of fur on the grass in front of the power pole in their yard.

Municipal power comes by after we call their trouble line and sure enough it was a squirrel that shorted something expensive-looking across its body. Squirrels apparently make pretty alright conductors for a very short period of time.

By this point, all the neighbours (also without power) have filed out onto the street to watch the friendly neighborhood utilities guy lift the crumbling remains of dead rodents off our lawn.

As he leaves, he tells the assembled crowd that this wasn’t even his first squirrel of the day.





The outlines of their battle plan is becoming apparent.


I had a pidgeon take short out the H.V. line once. It was a big pidgeon, the repairmen took photos so it must have been fairly unusual.

Holy shit, they’re everywhere! Does Homeland Security know about this threat?

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it seems the threat is not recognized as grave: Police Officer Fired After Shooting and Pepper Spraying Squirrel

I suppose a black squirrel joke would be in poor taste.

Snakes are also fun. Live cables that can light up the sky from horizon to horizon.

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